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17L Multifunction Airfryer Oven

17L Multifunction Airfryer Oven

SKU: aVs500
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The halogen oven results in quicker cooking times, even all round cooking, mouth watering dishes and an incredible taste that will transform the way you prepare meals for yourself and your family. The heat of a halogen bulb will cook your food much more quickly, more evenly and healthier than a traditional oven. Infrared cooks the food from the inside, which is very useful when you're cooking from frozen. The convection fan circulates hot air allowing the transfer of heat to be even and much quicker. The halogen bulb itself is capable of temperatures much hotter than a conventional oven, caution must be taken whilst handling the product (See Safety Instructions) The bulb creates a bright environment allowing you to view your food cooking through the glass bowl without opening the lid and letting the heat escape.


  • 17 litre capacity with free extender ring
  • Fat free cooking
  • 60 minute timer
  • Energy saving / No preheating required