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1800W Hand Dryer

1800W Hand Dryer

£69.99 Regular Price
£34.99Sale Price

A. Automatic operation:

Put your hands under the air vent, and the warm air will be sent out automatically.

B. Power saving design:

When leaving the sensing range, the machine automatically stops working, effectively saving energy.

C. Built-in high temperature protection:

When the infrared sensor is blocked for a long time or the fan fails, the protection device will automatically stop working when the built-in temperature rises.

D. Elegant appearance:

It can be used more freely to prevent the accumulation of gray layer and water drops away from the air outlet of the wall, so that your hands can be stretched more freely.

E. High power and low noise The 54 decibel noise and 1800W high power are incomparable to ordinary hand dryers.