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2-in-1 Cat Bowl Water Dispenser

2-in-1 Cat Bowl Water Dispenser

£69.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price


-Automatic water refilling: siphon principle, replenish as much as you drink, save time and effort, and reduce concerns about frequent water changes;

-Smooth corners: The overall design adopts a smooth arc to protect the pet from hurting the mouth when eating;

-Moisture-proof mouth pad: detachable sink partition, splash-proof, no mouth wet, prevent pet hair from falling into the water;

-0-15 degree tilt design: the angle of the eating bowl can be adjusted to allow pets to eat comfortably without hurting the cervical spine;

Large-capacity water storage: 500ML water storage space to meet pets’ daily drinking



Color: blue, gray, green, pink

Material: PP material, PET (not resistant to high temperature)

Application: cats and small dogs


Overall: 27*15.5*23cm

Bowl: 12.5*12.5*4cm

Bottle: 7*7*16cm