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2 Pack Humane Mouse Trap

2 Pack Humane Mouse Trap

£49.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price

Feature & Tips:


1) Ari holes design keep the mouse breath smoothly.

2) Black Non-slip silicone prevents the trap was removed by mouse.

3) Made of see-through transparent lid, reduce mice alertness (blends discreetly into any environment) so it can catch them Easier and Easily monitored.

4) No-Touch, Non-Lethal Rodent Solution!- Mice are captured without being killed, and you can free your captive without the fear of coming into physical contact with it.

5) Humane, Clean and Safe!-No poison, glue or chemical, non lethal, safe around children and pets, no contact with the mouse so there is no chance of bites or risk of disease.