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2.4M Garden Arch Trellis

2.4M Garden Arch Trellis

£39.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
This brand new vintage style garden arch is the perfect way to upgrade the look of your garden, and goes well with everything from classic garden styles to contemporary. It provides a place for your plants to grow, an lets you extend the garden even further into new dimensions. When paired with climbing plants such as Ivy or Roses twisting around its frame, it  becomes a stunningly eye-catching statement piece, that fills your garden with both colours and greenery. The height of the arch is approximately Two metres, allowing easy access for people walk through or even to sit beneath whether it be on the grass or a bench. 
Created from green powder coated steel tuibing , the frame of the arch can provide your garden with a classic rose garden look even when standing alone. One of the best ways to completely change the atmosphere of a garden is to add a garden arch. As well as providing a place for your plants to grow, it will eventually create a space that provides shade from the sun and is a great feature for any garden path! 
A simple garden arch can go a long way towards changing the atmosphere of a garden and making it feel more cozy and welcoming.