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3 Jumbo Fish Style Bath Sheets - 14 Colours

3 Jumbo Fish Style Bath Sheets - 14 Colours

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£12.99Sale Price

Excellent value large fish embroidered bath sheets perfect for adults made of 100% cotton. Enjoy your holiday with our excellent value bath sheets which can also be used as beach towels. There is an embroidery of a fish on the top of the towel. 

Our towels are a long standing favourite with our customers. That's because we manufacture them ourself allowing us to use only the finest quality cotton which ensures that all our towels remain thick and fluffy for longer. How many times have you come across those flimsy towels that start thinning after a few washes? Replace them today with our thick, plush towels! 

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is essentially the weight/density of the towel. A higher GSM rating of around 500 to 600gsm indicates a more thicker, dense towel which will be more durable and longer lasting than a towel with a lower GSM rating. It's usually tempting for institutions to consider getting cheaper, alternative towels with a lower GSM rating but it's not cost effective to do so in the long run. The towels will end up thinning and losing their density as they are being washed over and over again. After all, your guests are the most important people when it comes to towels. They will expect thick, sumptuous towels even though they are subjected to being washed repeatedly. That's why we recommend the higher GSM towels so you don't end up having to change them after a few washes as our towels will remain thick and fluffy. 


  • Dimensions: 80cm x 140cm