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3D Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

3D Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

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Design of fixed hole of drill.
There are 9 kinds of fixed hole designs, which are suitable for different bits according to different situations.
Parallel line drawing function.
Parallel lines draw multiple row holes. You can put on a suitable row placement hole.
A 3D angle ruler with an angle scale can help you find a specific angle and mark it on the wood.
Dovetail model.
3D angle ruler has two swallowtail models, which can quickly build standard swallowtail shape on wood.

Scope of application:
3D angle ruler is widely used in furniture manufacturing, household DIY, woodworking, professional use, etc.

Type: 3D angle ruler
Material: plastic
Color: Black
Measurement range: 0-150mm/5.91"
Size: 21 * 7.2 * 6cm/8.27*2.83*2.36"