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8oz Luxury Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flask

8oz Luxury Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flask

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1, The hip flask set is suitable for outdoor camping, picnics, travel, drinking when fishing or drinking with family.
2, Made of stainless steel, not rusty, corrosion resistant
3, It can be filled with red wine, liquor, not fit for carbonated beverage

Name: stainless steel hip flask set
Material: stainless steel +leather
Cup color: stainless steel color
Flask capacity: 8 oz
Flask weight: 121g
Cup weight: 12g/pcs
Funnel size: the width of the upper caliber is 37mm/1.46", the width of the lower caliber is 9mm/0.35", height is 30mm/1.18"
Funnel weight: 5g
Packing:  box packing