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Adults Interactive Glow In The Dark Shirt

Adults Interactive Glow In The Dark Shirt

£59.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price

Light up your celebration with this brilliant Glow In The Dark T-Shirt!

Simply use the included LED Light (or your phone torch, or a laser pen) to draw a
bright glowing design onto this shirt's large glow panel

And then, once the glow has faded, you can start all over again!

A brilliant gift idea - kids AND adults will love it!


Can I use this in daylight?
While you WILL be able to see the glow in daylight, the effect is at it's best in darker environments.

How do I draw onto the T-shirt?
You can draw onto the T-shirt using the included LED keyring, the light from
your mobile phone torch or with a Laser Pen (not included)

How do I wash the T-shirt?
You can wash the T-shirt in any domestic washing machine - turn it inside-out
and wash with cool water (30°C/90°F). Do NOT Tumble Dry.