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Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Vera Plants

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Featuring thick, fleshy, green to grey-green leaves, aloe vera can make and ideal household plant with healing qualities


  • Widely grown as an ornamental plant
  • Thick, fleshy, green to grey-green leaves
  • Can survive in areas of low natural rainfall
  • Ideal for rockeries and other low water-use gardens
  • Popular with modern gardeners as a medicinal plant and for its interesting form
  • Effective in reducing inflammations and easing pain from sunburn
  • Intolerant of heavy frost and snow and relatively resistant to most insect pests
  • During winter, Aloe Vera may become dormant, during which little moisture is required
  • In areas that receive frost or snow, the species is best kept indoors or in heated glasshouses
  • Full planting and aftercare instructions will be supplied
  • Supplied in a 10.5cm nursery pot