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Anti Snore Pillow

Anti Snore Pillow

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  • Anti Snoring Stop Snoring Pillow Orthopedic Pyramid Pillow Back & Neck Support Anti Snore Pillow
  •  If you sleep with a partner who snores you may find your patience and understanding wearing a little thin when you find yourself awake for the third or fourth time since going to bed. Unfortunately it is not just the snorer who suffers interrupted sleep, it affects both parties which may lead to levels of fatigue affecting all areas of your life
  •  Allow yourself to imagine the contentment of an uninterrupted night giving you a truly restful sleep. Our Versatile Anti Snore Pillow Helps bring welcome relief from muscle tension, snoring, aches and pains with the original Dr. Twiner Pyramid Pillow, which has a patented central core shape to support the head in all sleeping positions. A slight tilt allows all 10 muscles that attach at the base of the skull to relax and regenerate during a normal night's sleep.
  • The anti snore Pillow is filled with super soft hollow fibres, which spring back every time after use to their original shape. The hollowfibre filling makes the pillow hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, super hygienic and anti-microbial (as they will not support organic growth and will prevent germs from nesting in the filling).
  • The pyramid anti snore Pillow is ideal for asthma and other allergy sufferers and for post operative use. Size: 74 x 48 cm approx Filling: Hollowfibre Washing instructions: Machine washable 40C Do not dry clean.