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Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Dispenser

Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Dispenser

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Unique design to prevent food from moisture and clogging.
The item can help you feeding your beloved fish in aquarium when you are working, shopping, or travelling outside. The feeding food and time are adjustable. By the(Max,Min) slider, you can increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed per rotation.
Digital time easy to set to feed fish on time.
Easy filling of the food drum. Food drumfor is ideal for flakes or pellets.Feeding time can be set to once or twice daily
Low power consumption, automatic and manual operation, adjustable mount (suits all aquariums).

Positioning the Feeding onto your tank :
Slide the the feeder onto the bracket by aligning the riased edge located along the bottom of the feeder with the  feeder into the solt until it stop . Attach the support bracket  to your tank by sliding it the bracket is firmly attached to tank edge .Once complete ,make sure the feeding durm is direclty over the water .
The feeder may also be mounted using the double-side Velcro tape .peel off the paper on the tape .Stick each on the bottom of the feeder and the tank cover respectively;then attach the feeder to the tank cover with the Velcro tapes.Make sure the feeding drum is dirm is directly over the water.

Colour: Black
Material: Plastic
Size: 10 x 7.5 x 9.5 cm
Capacity: 65 ml

Package included:
1 x Automatic Fish Feeder (The batteries are not included)