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Bamboo Sushi Kit

Bamboo Sushi Kit

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Sushi is a staple of Japanese cuisine and is not only considered to be a delicious food but also a meticulously studied art that dates back to the early 1600s. The Maison & White Bamboo Sushi Kit is everything that you need to get creating your own oriental delights in your home. Use the spreader to evenly distribute your rice over one of the two included rolling mats, serve on the 10" rolling tray, dip into some sauce and then enjoy with a pair of chopsticks! 


Here's a full list of what's included in the set:
2 x Bamboo Rolling Mats - the flat profile bamboo mat is more versatile and used for thicker sushi rolls while the cylindrical mat is designed specifically for makizushi.
1 x Bamboo Paddle - to mix the cooked rice with vinegar 
1 x Bamboo Spreader - for ensuring that your rice is evenly spread over the mat 
1 x Bamboo Triple Sauce Dish - for holding sauces such as wasabi, soy or pickled ginger for the extra kick of flavour
1 x 10" Serving Tray 
5 x Pairs of Chopsticks with fabric bag - for enjoying your delicious sushi and convenient storage! 


In the modern age, it's hard to get everyone to put away their screens and do something different. Making sushi is an amazing activity the whole family can get involved with, no matter what age, this kit is a fantastic way to get started!


If you've got a foodie friend who's always in the kitchen rustling up new treats, this kit is a great gift for making something that they may have never thought of trying before! 

Please note: Handwash only.


MateriaI: Bamboo 
In the Box: x2 rolling mats (1 cylindrical and 1 flat profile), x5 chopsticks, x1 paddle, x1 spreader, x1 10" serving tray, x1 sauce dish