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Bathroom Waterproof Wall Phone Case

Bathroom Waterproof Wall Phone Case

£29.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price



* Horizontal play, full screen drama does not block; vertical play, live rush to buy without delay.

* All inclusive storage cabin, barrier free screen for entertainment; 0.25mm elastic touch screen, easy switching.

* 60 ° fixed opening angle, easy to take and put; imitation tape drive design, prevent accidental opening of cabin door, mobile phone falling.

* It's not picky, suitable for mainstream mobile phones; it's adaptable to mainstream mobile phones under 6.8 inches, with strong versatility.

* 360 ° tight waterproof, not afraid of water vapor.

* It is embedded with silica gel to upgrade the security; it can block tiny water vapor to prevent invasion of components.

* No punching wall hanging, easy to use, solid and stable; can be pasted everywhere, no trace; no fear of moisture, 5kg load-bearing.

* High permeability antifogging film, clear play time; new pet antifogging film, not afraid of kitchen fireworks, not afraid of bathroom steam.