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Bicycle Turn Light

Bicycle Turn Light

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1. Remote control turn signal, material: plastic, weight: 60g. package size: 10*5.5*5cm.
2. High bright SMD lamp beads, 14pcs red SMD and 18pcs yellow SMD on the left and right side with high brightness, can effectively remind the rear traffic.
3. Wireless remote control, easy to operate. Riding can open the corresponding lights according to the road conditions. Turning left / right turn signal.
4. Five kinds of light mode. Abandoned simple, easy to use, no complicated operation, diversified choice for different riding occasions.
5. High brightness, safer riding. The use of high lumen wick, brightness greatly improved, warning farther and more obvious.
6. High-pitched horn, safe night riding. Loud speaker, safety remind passers-by, safer night riding.
7. Universal USB charging port, anytime, anywhere, fast charging with silicone seal, waterproof and dustproof effect.
8. Tail light can be adjusted up and down at a large angle, so that the light forms a controlled distance line.
9. Life grade waterproof, rainy days can also be used with confidence.