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Boxing Head Speed Tennis Ball

Boxing Head Speed Tennis Ball

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£14.99Sale Price

Product Description:

Perfect design for boxing exercise: Elastic headband fits in most heads. Soft ball does not hurt you, No worries for face and head. With gaudiness color, you look at the ball

devoutly, can concentrate well.

Portable Box Training Ball: Small and lightweight, easy to carry, Can be used in various occasions and situations (business trip, tour, gym, home, office, outdoor) in bag

or backpack.

Good for health and reaction time: Perfect exercise for your body and many muscle groups. Relax your shoulder and neck and your muscles. Best method to release the

pressure, good for your body and mind. In Exercise Improves your reaction time, impact speed, accuracy, body symmetry and eyes and hand coordination.

Practical Training Tool: Not only athletes or fitness keepers, martial arts, for professional boxers or boxing fans, but also Salaryman or students can use this training ball, also

improved response and coordination for adults and children.