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Capsule Mini Pocket Umbrella

Capsule Mini Pocket Umbrella

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1. Stylish Umbrella, Great Gift Idea - 

Portable umbrella has been popular. We recommend it to you and valuable gifts are available if you choose it.

2. Creative Capsule Shell - 

It is small enough, do not take up too much space and you can put in your bag or purse whether it rains or not. So light, so mini and so pretty.

3. Ultra Mini Umbrella - 

Folding size is 7 inch. Small enough to keep it in your purse at all times. You can even put it in your pocket if you like. You will never be caught in the rain.

4. An-ti UV Umbrella - 

The high-tech nano polymer compound in the outermost coating layer to prevents 95% of the UV. Excellent heat insulation effect ensures you every comfortable travelling in hot weather.

5.Super Light Umbrella - 

Imported fibrous material umbrella frame, can be bent 180 degrees, six umbrella skeleton, honeycomb hexagonal-shaped design. Built-in super lightweight aluminium umbrella stand. Only 200 grams.