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Car Smartphone Windscreen Projector Display

Car Smartphone Windscreen Projector Display

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1.The Head Up Display In Car Mount Navigation System combines with your smartphone to produce a very effective in-car heads up display.

2.There is no need to place a car holder right onto your windscreen - instead use the reflective qualities of this built-in mirror to view the road beyond and see fascinating and helpful details in front of you.

3.Drive without having to take your eyes off the road to check you speed, revs and many other measurements - while also using specialised apps to view directions to your destination.

4.Made of a super clear plastic that effectively features a mirror-like reflection, there's perfect visibility of your smartphone's screen. The HUD Mount has a built-in anti slip mat that secures your smartphone, keeping it in place even if you hit a pothole or take a tight corner.


--High quality reflective screen ensures maximum resolution for your smartphone's display

--Built-in anti slip mat holds your phone in place

--Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Package includes:

1*Head-up Display