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Ear Wax Remover

Ear Wax Remover

£69.99 Regular Price
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【3-In-1 USB Plug】: Three in one multifunction plug combines USB, Micro-USB, Type-C in one piece, therefore, supports phone, computers and Type-C devices as well. Images can be shown on screen and saved on your phone.


【Widely Applicable】: Can be used on phone(OTG function turned on before use), Windows system, and MAC system.

【High-Definition Camera】: Resolution of the φ5.5mm lens is amazingly up to 0.3Mega pixel, resolution of 640*480, allows you to see clearly inside the ear, due to its long and slim lens body, the camera can go deeper and enter the ear canal more easily.


【Built-in 6LED Lights】: 6 super-bright led beads embedded in camera lens, the small lens lets it go further into, while the led light provides convenience to check any small details and earwax hidden on ear wall, leaving the dark internal all become brighter to you.

Perfect ear cleaner makes earwax picking job completely a piece of cake, no pain or discomfort from fumbling, but precise positioning each time scraping out your ears.


【Best Focus Distance】: The best focus distance is 1.4-2cm, i.e., the distance between the camera and the attachment is better to be so.

When used on phone, please kindly note below:

1. Require Android 4.2 or later

2. Have OTG function, and make sure OTG function turned on before use

3. Access to an external camera


Camera Diameter: 5.5mm

Camera Pixels: 300000, resolution 640*480

Waterproof: NO


Total Length: 6.56ft/ 2M

Cleaning Method: not waterproof, cannot be washed, wipe with alcohol