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Electric Teppanyaki Grill

Electric Teppanyaki Grill

SKU: aVs908
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Bring the style of Japanese Cuisine to your home with our 2000W Electric Teppanyaki Grill. Used worldwide by domestic cooks and chefs alike, the large cooking area of this Teppanyaki grill allows multiple ingredients to be cooked at the same time, useful for a variety of meals.

Foods such as chicken, beef, prawns, fish and chopped vegetables taste fantastic when cooked on the Teppanyaki Grill. The non-stick surface means very little oil needs to be used. In addition, the drainage holes and oil drip tray keep the food free of fat and grease, meaning food cooked on the grill is healthier and retains its natural flavour.

The Teppanyaki is ideal for hosting dinner parties, preparing individual meals, barbecue-style food and stir frys, and cooking your fried breakfasts all on one appliance with a minimum of fuss. Portable with its easy-grip carry handles, the Teppanyaki grill is ideal for travelling, especially for camping and caravanning holidays.

The Teppanyaki features an adjustable temperature control, removable oil drip tray, is easy to clean with its non-stick coated surface and has a large cooking area of 46cm x 24.5cm.