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Extreme Warm 16.5 Tog Duvet

Extreme Warm 16.5 Tog Duvet

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Our 16.5 tog polypropylene great value winter duvet is perfect for staying warm without breaking the bank. The cover is made from polypropylene and the filling is made from fine polyester for a light and lofty feel. We designed our winter value duvet to deliver outstanding warmth without compromising on comfort. It weighs very little, and the filling is evenly distributed with straight channels, so the duvet never gets top or bottom heavy. If you are looking for a spare duvet, a duvet for house guests or a main duvet that won’t cost you a lot, this is the one. It’s lovely to sleep with on the coldest nights and it’s easy to keep clean. You can wipe it down or machine wash it. The luxury polypropylene cover and the filling ensures long durability for long years with better fade and stain resistant than ccotton fabric. 
Our value winter duvet is available in 16.5 tog. These togs are suitable for the coldest nights. Importantly, our duvet is lightweight and breathable. It won’t weigh you down, stick to you and make you throw your legs out of the bed to stay cool. 
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