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Garden Soaker Hose

Garden Soaker Hose

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Soaker Hose is designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern suited to watering lawns and gardens. A soaker hose works by having fine holes on one side of the hose. These face up and spray out fine multi directional streams to provides an even “strip” style watering pattern. An average tap at about 200kPa, sprays about 3 to 4 metres across. The best feature with a soaker hose is it can be quickly & easily re-located to water different areas. Simply shift the hose to water a new area. As well as being quick & easy to move, a soaker hose can snake through garden beds, and water curved shaped gardens. Cleaning: A soaker hose waters through fine outlets & periodically these should be flushed clean. To flush the soaker hose, simply unscrew the end cap and let water pass through carrying any dirt or debris. Once water is clean, re-fit the end cap & your ready to water. 

Availible Sizes - 7.5M & 15M