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1 or 2 XL Car Windscreen Covers with Suction Cups

1 or 2 XL Car Windscreen Covers with Suction Cups

SKU: aVs735
£29.99 Regular Price
£2.99Sale Price
Are you tired of finding your car covered with snow and ice every morning? Don't want to waste time scraping the windscreen? This Car Magnetic Windscreen Cover is the No.1 item you need this winter!
With this superb magnetic windscreen cover you can get a clear windscreen in seconds every morning. The strong magnets sewn into each corner keeps it in place and only take a second to fit to your window. No need for fiddly straps or suction pads that leave marks on your windows. The universal size means that it will fit most cars.
This magnetic cover is also great at offering some shade on a hot sunny day. You can forget about burning hot seats or a steering wheel you can't touch.
Made from high quality, durable polyester this cover is easy to clean and will last for years. When not in use you can fold it into its handy pouch and easily fir into your glove box or side compartment. A perfect holiday gift!
Keep your car windscreen clear of frost on this years's chilly mornings. Try this amazing Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover.
  • Magnetic Windscreen Cover/ Car Magnetic Windscreen Cover/ Frost, Snow & Sun Windscreen Cover
  • Magnetic Windscreen Cover, universal size
  • All season windscreen protector, Fits most cars
  • Keeps windscreen clear from snow, ice and frost, Durable and lightweight
  • Strong magnets, Easy to clean, Made from washable polyester, Supplied with a self-storage bag
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Size: (L)162 x (W)96cm