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Neck Electric Shoulder massager

Neck Electric Shoulder massager

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Based on the principle of acupressure, finger pressure stimulates specific parts of the body to relieve stress, tightness, muscle aches and pain. Ideal for the back, neck, shoulders, lower back, upper back, feet, feet, calves.
The electric neck massager, ergonomic handle, provides you with an accurate intensity massage to ease the tight knot.
We think of the smallest details and create a unique vibration function on the market that will stimulate your nerves and help your muscles relax, allowing the stiff neck and shoulders to move more.
Buy an electric shoulder massager and enjoy the best relaxing massage experience at home after a long day of work, gym workout, work break or any time you need a massage.


Material:PU, nylon
Size:Strap size: 50 * 13 * 2cm, massage area size: 33 * 16 * 10cm
Model:Electric Shoulder Massager
Body Area:Head & Neck
Massage Function:Shiatsu
Massagers:Head/ Neck Massagers
Portable for Use:At home, in the office, in the car or while traveling
Features:8 Shiatsu Massage Rollers, 2 Direction Massage Functionality, Auto Shut off: in 15 Minutes, Heated
Massage Head Speed:28 turns (slow mode) / min; 34 turns (fast mode) / min
Overheating Temperature:45 degree centigrade
Operating Voltage & Power Consumption:DC 12V
Automatic Shut-off :15 minutes
Rated Power:24W