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Outside Tap Cover Protector

Outside Tap Cover Protector

£19.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price

·         Tap insulation cover made from durable and water resistant polyester fabric.

·         Size: 18x15cm / 7.0"x5.9", Tap Frost jacket fits most standard outdoor garden taps.

·         Outdoor tap cover with thick insulation padding to assist in protecting your tap from freezing and bursting.

·         Easy installation, simply place the Outdoor Tap Jacket over the tap and secure with the hook and loop strap.

·         Lightweight and reusable for Garden Taps. Outside taps should be isolated and the product will not guarantee against pipes freezing, bursting or leaking. Used entirely at the user's own risk.                          

·         The iGadgitz Home water tap cover is great for protecting your outside                      taps in gardens, outbuildings, workshops and garages.                            

·         The tap cap cover is made from water resistant protective polyester outer with insulation lined inner.                                      &n