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Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

£59.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
  • Thumb Lock Fingerprint Padlocks allow you to secure your valuables in a way that is unlocked by your touch. Secure your items with no keys to lose, no codes to forget and no apps to use
  • No need to worry about regular charging, the high capacity lithium battery lasts a whole year or up to 3000 unlocks before needing a charge! The LED indicator will flash when the battery is running low, then simply plug the USB cable (included) into any power outlet and wait for the light to go off
  • The sensor allows up to 10 users to record a fingerprint and unlock the padlock but only the first two administrator fingerprints can authorise the creation of new users to maximise the safety of your items. There is also an option to delete users fingerprints when they are no longer required
  • IP65 waterproof technology means the padlock can be used both indoors and outdoors on a whole range of applications. The convenience and security of a keyless padlock makes it ideal to use with Storage Units
  • A genuine Thumb Lock branded product distributed by Petrolscooter