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Stainless Steel Solar Wall Lamp

Stainless Steel Solar Wall Lamp

SKU: aVs434
£69.99 Regular Price
£12.99Sale Price

Comes this fantastic Stainless Steel Solar Wall Light. Two bright white LED lights will really brighten your garden up during the night. Included are two rechargable AA batteries that recharges during the day by sunlight hitting the solar panel on the top of the wall light. An auto-sensor means the light automatically comes on when it gets dark, and an on/off switch means the light can be left off even when dark if you choose. No wiring means you can quickly and easily install the wall light anywhere you want in your garden as long as it is reachable by sunlight. Fittings provided allow you to easily attach the wall light to your garden wall.

  • 2 x Bright White LED
  • Auto Sensor: Turns On When Dark
  • Quick & Easy To Install, Fittings Provided