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Staple Gun Fabric Upholstery DIY

Staple Gun Fabric Upholstery DIY

£69.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price

Heavy Duty Staple Gun With 1000 FREE Staples Included. Great staple gun for repairing upholstery on chairs etc. Staple fabric and upholstery with ease.

High powered spring action handle for fast release of each staple. Lock the handle down for easy storage and safety. Simply slide the metal hook over the handle to secure the staple gun for storage.

1000 Metal Staples Included Free With Each Staple Gun

Ideal for re-covering furniture & decorating; repairing window blinds; repairing chairs; applying fabric to walls; creating fabric pictures and fastening plywood amongst many other uses.

Ergonomic grip for easy handling and effortless operation when using the staple gun

Each staple gun has passed TUV/GS testing

It is suitable for Width 11.3mm, Height 4-8mm Staples.