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Triangle Bluetooth Tracker

Triangle Bluetooth Tracker

£29.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price

Product Details

  • Smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad can be connected directly to the tracker via Bluetooth
  • Free app called ForU8 in App Store and ForU for android users
  • Lightweight for discrete protection of cell phones, cars, keys, pets, bags, suitcases etc.
  • Up to six tracers connectable
  • App is designed so that in Google Maps pins can be put in pins to make finding items easier
  • Alarm function when the track and tracer are out of range
  • Password protected
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Standby: six months
  • Size: 2cm x 2cm x 0.5cm
  • Lithium button battery
  • Weight: 10g