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USB Digital Snooze Dual Alarm

USB Digital Snooze Dual Alarm

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100% new and high quality


Large LED Mirror Display:

The acrylic mirror is specially treated to prevent scratches, you can see the time from a long distance. Besides, it can also be used as a makeup mirror.

Time Can be Projected, Projection Angle and Brightness Can be Adjusted:

The time can be projected on the wall under soft red light at a comfortable angle( 180-degree adjustable), you can see the time, and the brightness can be adjusted at three levels according to your need, so your sleep will not be disturbed.

Two Sets of Alarms Can be Set, 2 Ringtones for You to Choose:

2 Teams' independent alarm clock settings are workable, you can set the traditional didi sound or set the radio ringtone as the alarm.

15-Level Volume Adjustment and 4 Levels of Brightness Adjustment:

The volume is adjustable, allowing you to set the most comfortable level. The brightness (off, low-bright, medium-bright, and high-bright) can be adjusted manually. It can also be automatically dimmed by a light sensor, turn on this function, and the product will automatically adjust the display brightness according to the ambient brightness.

Snooze Function:

When the alarm rings, tap the top snooze button, the alarm will pause and ring five minutes later, this alarm clock will be a good choice for people with deep sleep.

FM Radio and Auto-Off Function:

The radio has the functions of automatic search, automatic lock, and automatic storage. The number of storage stations is unlimited, and the operation is simple and convenient. Besides, the radio can be set to automatically turn off, the set time is 5-90 minutes, it will automatically turn off according to the setting.