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USB Heated Knee Warmer

USB Heated Knee Warmer

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Our neck warmers relieve stiffness and soreness in seconds by providing ultra-comfortable and soothing heat therapy. Ideal for writers, students, teachers and those who usually use computers daily.


This warm heated wrap offers smooth pain relief for neck problems, like muscle strains, worn joints, herniated disks or bone spurs, and rheumatoid arthritis. When heat therapy is applied, tendons and ligaments can be relaxed, which can greatly increase the flexibility of your joints and decrease pain.


Use it anytime and anywhere! Just simply plug into a PC, power bank or USB adapter. Relieve fatigue and muscle stiffness in minutes. Graphene heating technology generates heat which is easily absorbed by our bodies, compared to traditional heating systems.


Technical Specifications:

1. Power supply:5V/2A USB

2. Rated power:6W

3. Timer: 60/45/30 min

4. Product weight: 100 g

5. Dimensions: 20.1 x 5.5 inches | 51 x 14 cm

6. USB Cord Length: 60 inches | 153 cm

7. Heating temperature: High temp 65°C(150*F); Middle temp 55°C(130*F); Low temp gear 45°C(110*F)


Washing instructions: 

1. Hand Wash only, do not use a washing machine.

2. Don't wring it vigorously.

3. Do not expose to direct sunlight. 


Package includes:

1 * Neck Heating Pad

1 * USB cord & Controller