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Washable Non Slip Siam Mats

Washable Non Slip Siam Mats

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Washable Non Slip Siam Mats Kitchen, Corridor, Hallway HeavyDuty Runners Rugs SD

Non Slip Machine Washable Siam Kitchen,Corridor,Bedroom Runners Rugs Mats 

Our Gel-Back All-Purpose Rugs are suitable for tiles, lino, laminate, and wood flooring, thanks to its non-slip latex backing.

The Gel-Back collection comes in a variety of different colours, patterns and sizes to fit any colour-scheme and interior.

Bring warmth and comfort to your home with the Serenity rugs.

Made with 100% polyamide (nylon), the rug is anti-skid and anti-slid, so no need to worry when walking (or running) around the home.

Rooms around the home that could benefit from a washable all-purpose rug include entranceways, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, kids’ bedrooms, and playrooms.

The Rug Will Brighten Any Plain Room in the House Whilst Bringing Simplicity and Style All At Once

So Beautiful and Adorable Gel-Back rugs.

A collection of fully machine washable rugs in various colours.