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Wristband Hand Gel Dispenser

Wristband Hand Gel Dispenser

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Product Description
CONVENIENT - Wrap it around your wrist or clip it to your backpack and dispense a small amount of hand sanitiser gel when you need it; The Silicone Refillable Sanitiser Wristband Provides An Easy And Convenient Way To Sanitise Your Hands On The Go.
EASY TO USE - Just fill the empty chamber with hand sanitising liquid or gel using the provided refillable bottle and cap; The innovative design will ensure liquid only comes out when you need it.
REUSABLE FASHION - This hand sanitiser bracelet can be filled over and over again with any hand sanitiser; Cute design makes it stylish and functional.
FOR KIDS & ADULTS - The adjustable strap makes it ideal for your children and adults. Kids can use it for back to school, vacations, and trips to the store; Adults can use it in the office, shopping, and anywhere washing your hands is not an option.
VERSATILE USAGE - Fill it with hand soap and just add water next time you are hiking or camping; Use it for moisturising hand lotion to keep your hands soft; Clip on to a bag or belt loop for a hanging keychain. It Can Be Filled With Hand Sanitiser Gel, Hand Soap, Sunscreen, Creams, and Bug/Mosquito Repellent.