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Xtralite EU PLUG NiteSafe LED

Xtralite EU PLUG NiteSafe LED

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£19.99Sale Price

Xtralite EU PLUG NiteSafe LED Slim Sensor Rechargeable Night Light


A slim compact and modern design, the Slim Sensor is a splendid, full-featured and powerful multi-purpose torch. The motion sensor detector turns on the nightlight as soon as movement is detected in a dark area. In a power cut the torch switches on automatically and will last up to 10 hours on the low power failure mode before needing recharging. No more searching cupboards and drawers for a torch only to find the batteries are flat and no more candles that could be hazardous.


- Automatically turns on when the power goes out
- Rechargeable Lithium-ion 3.7v/400mAh battery
- Batteries and LEDs never need to be replaced, LEDs are always cool to touch
- Lightweight and durable
- Torch with 8 super-bright LEDs - 65 Lumens
- Charge lasts up to 10 hours on Lo and 3 hours on Hi
- L 80mm x W 52mm x H 154mm
- Weight: 96g
- Please note this item has an EU adapter for use in EU countries